Human Encounter

I’m learning a lot about human interaction and relationships as of late. I’ve come across different people and very different relationships but the one thats emerging is most interesting.

I’m beginning to understand the cycle. I guess I always saw it but not enough or clearly enough to acknowledge its power. I’m spoiled. Getting my way is a by product of being me. I can’t remember being in a relationship that I didn’t want to do far more receiving than giving. But spending time with this someone new makes me want to give more than I receive.

I understand that this is how relationships should be. I understand that this is not how I have been in the past. But one of the main things plaguing me is the fact that as I move on I am forcing someone else to let go who had no intentions of doing so. At least not any time soon. I’m understanding the complexities of rejection. I told them not too long ago that I had no interest in a new relationship but I’m reconsidering that now.

What do you do? Do you deny your own happiness to prolong the comfort of someone you care for? Thee’s nothing healthy about it but it is what leads eople to lie.

I have seen a time in my life when I would take both what I wanted and continue to enable someone else in hopes of pleasing everyone. Not all intentions are malicious ones, even in situations of cheating. Yet, good intentions are still not acceptable reasons for dishonesty. Does it count that I was being honest when I said it?

Some people would question why even consider saying anything until seeing where this current interest goes? Is it not true that if I am considering the possibility of moving forward with someone else that I have no interest in moving in that direction with the ex?

I realize that until now, I really haven’t had to give anything. I really have been in these, what I referred to as relationships, when in actuallity they were individual encounters on multiple occasions. I wasn’t building anything with the other people. I was seeing them because they were available. I can only apologize. It still doesn’t seem like a fair exchange.

I apparently am an oblivious idiot. It has been pointed out repeatedly in the last few weeks. People have been revealing feelings that I never would have suspected. I accept part blame for that. My comfort zone requires that I do not entertain the thought that someone is interested in me unless they walk up to me and smack me in the face then say I like you. This is primarily for two reasons: My mom says I’m arrogant and the one person who I was that presumptious with ended up pulling my heart out of my chest and handing it to me. Ok that was dramatic but its how I felt so go figure.

I’m just revisiting something I already knew.Whish is that we spend so much time wrapped in ourselves that we lose sight of all the people and opportunities around us. Bad things happen, we have hard times but don’t let it take you away from living. Just because you’re breathing doesn’t mean you’re living.

No one in this realm of reality is perfect. Remember that when facing rejection, ridicule or teasing.

I’m not in love (with anyone). I am¬†interested. I am willing. I am honest. There was always one or two things that made my significant others appealing but nothing that kept me from being bored. I’ve met someone who I really do think about all day instead of saying it because it makes them feel special. It is absolutely¬† necessary that we go slow. I still have some bags that I’m carrying that need to be emptied then done away with. I understand the importance of not rushing when its something you actually want to last.

Human nature is funny and quite sadistic. Be careful about giving your heart, not cautious, just careful. Accept that it may not work, accept that it may be a waste of time or that you just may find yourself at the shit end of the stick but also accept that the possibility that one human encounter of vulnerability and chance may be the one moment you’ve been living your life waiting on.

Be well.