Earlier Tonight

I was told that I don’t get close enough to anything that I can’t walk away from in 30 seconds.

Am I pissed that they think that or pissed that they’re right?

Memory Lapse

I’m a different person when the lights go down
The same in a sense
But you wouldn’t recognize me
eyes wide shut
mumbling something devious
rememberĀ that you kept talking low
asĀ I forced higher octaves
brought boxers to the floor
and saw feet walk back and forth pondering thought
should I
give myself
And you made a decision you may regret
but made a decision none the less
Don’t blame the alcohol
blame desire
now sit down and think about
how you love
to be a victim
and blame it on the bud light
Blame anything but the last thought
you had
I know the situation is a sketchy one
I know its some new shit going on
its another side you’re not ready to see
but one you love to ask to leave
because I won’t remember anything in the morning
and you can place the blame anywhere but on desire
one day I’ll do what you can’t
and fake it
You’ll swear it was the liquor
I’ll swear it was the vibe
and just when you can’t remember your name
I’ll remind you
to be a fucking adult for once
tell me how you feel
I’ll listen
As I give you
What redbull can’t
And just when you thought it was another alcohol haze
I’ll hold you accountable
with sober memories of a sex induced craze