It’s official, I’m lame.

I had the talk today. Why did we break up? Do I love you? Oh and it didn’t help that I met one of my myspace friends today while we were eating. The myspace friend seems cool as hell and knows one of my high school friends who was our waitress. The problem was the ex hates myspace…specifically me being on myspace and them not knowing what I’m doing. You would think having broken up it wouldn’t matter anymore but alas, it does. Damn this sensitive and caring nature o’mine.

My ex was giving me the pouty face. The myspace friend was actually trying to work and I didn’t want to hold them up like some stalker. Talk about awkward moment. And you know how I am about meeting new people anyway. I never know what the hell I’m supposed to say. “Hey, I’m Dew.” “I knew I recognized you.” “I recognized you too.” “You know Nedra?” and thats about it. After that its pretty much a dumb stare unless they start talking.

So the talk? I was as honest as I could be. Now How it ended was a lot better than how it started but I can not say that that is a good thing. We’ll see. The main thing I got from the talk is that they would like me to stop telling them that they deserve better and let them determine what’s best for them. What do you say to that? You are too blind to see that I’m not what’s best for you.

I’m punking out, I know