Jill Scott said so

My dilemma: Someone wants too much, someone isn’t sure what they want and someone wants nothing at all. Although I’m okay with that its uber (yes I said uber) stressful. I should just cut them off but I can’t. At least not the first two. I’m done with the last it just worked for the analogy.

I had a three hour argument today with someone number 2 over absolutely nothing. Because I went out with co-workers. Let me check my status does it not say single?

I keep coming in contact with people who feel its okay to tell me about me but refuse to accept any critisism about themselves. Do you know what the common denominator is? Me. They do it because I allow them to. If I stop letting them deflect then they would have to get real. My problem with that is that if someone is dead set on not being wrong theres not much you can say or do to bring them out of that closet.

“My arms are tired from pulling dead weight, pass me the shoes behind you. I’m going home.” 

Asshole moment, sorry.

Whats really interesting is that I think someone (again number 2) is trying to prove that I am a callous little (big) prick. And if they keep pushing they may find out just how right they are.