I saw transformers last night and it was great. I was quite impressed, I didn’t think I would be as pleased as I was.

I have become fixated with Little People, Big World.  I don’t know why it soothes me, like I’m touched by their family and interaction. Could be some wishful thinking issues surfacing, I guess? But thinking about being 3 feet shorter and adapting to the world will take the most stable person there.

I think I’m settling into the whole business thing not working out. It’s a temporary set back. I’ll still publish for local authors part time, build my credit score some more and hope no one else opens the shop I want to open before I improve the necessary areas.

I feel it. It’s there. I want it and my disappointment stems from not being able to accomplish the goals I have in mind. What makes it easier is realizing that the goal is always attainable even if not when I expected or previously planned it to be accomplished.

Now the task becomes finding a job. I have a couple of jobs in line, just waiting on the start dates but the pay is not even half what I was making before. I was asked if I regret leaving my previous company and I don’t. I mean, you will have bs no matter where you go but I would rather tolerate honest bs than illegal bs disguised as corporate customer service.

On that note, when you are agreeing to anything over the phone or before you sign anything please, PLEASE read the fine print and LISTEN to the disclosures, it just may save your peace of mind in the end.

Melodramatic is out and going strong. I think its defienitely the best collection of poetry I’ve done yet. Not bragging of course, but thats saying something. It’s also going to be the last for a while. My next few releases will be novels, a collection of essays and a collection of short stories but that’s off in the distant future (unless I get bored) so we’ll focus on Melodramtic for now.

At any rate, I’ve rambled on enough for now, I’m headed to my room to watch the sun come up. Thankfully there is always a brighter side to every day. Thankfully.