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Alrighty, this has gotten way out of hand. Leave my music alone. This may seem contrary to the television post but tv and music mean very different things to me. I my watch television an hour or so everyday but I listen to music constantly. Constantly. Granted my tv is on all the time but thats because the lighting is excellent, I’m only watching sparingly for the exact reasons listed in the previous post.

But, music! I can’t write without it. And I write all the time. And often I’m listening to music that fosters the mood I’m in. In order for you completely understand where I’m going with this let me explain somethings about myself.

I am the type of person who is cool most of the time. I rarely get ‘crunk’ or hype. If I go to a club its because a friend has pretty much begged me to go. I can find ‘my spot’ pretty much anywhere and I am fine until I’m not and then I’ll leave. If you hate me its fine, I don’t expect everyone to like me. If you like me its great, I feel like most people should. Since I’m human every now and again my humanness can get thebest of me and I find myself being frustrated by someone else’s stupidity. In these rare occaisions I often put myself in timeout as not to say anything condescending or out the way but my mind isrunning nonstop and well I just can’t be held responsible for the thoughts that may result.

My point is that every now and again I come across someone deserving of the title that is being crucified by fundalmentalists who want to tell adults what they should and should not say.

Granted I don’t make it a habit calling people (keyword people, not women) bitches but dammit sometimes the title just fits. Depending on who you ask I myself have been a bitch on several occasions, often I know I’m about to become one before it is revealed to everyone else. Shit happens. And nothing caps those moments better than a good song.

For example: I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one. This ingenuis song would not be possible given the unreasonable expectation not being placed on artists to censor themselves. Yet, this song describes 3 scenarios where Jay-Z is surrounded by bitches none of them being what you would assume. God, I love that man.

Now hoe is another word entirely, there is no excuse for calling a woman (or man) a hoe, that is, unless he or she actually is one. this is where we go to definitions. By definition a hoe is slang for prostitute or someone willing to trade sexual favor, services or physical company for monetary payment, attention or concern.We have all been hoes at some point and time whether intentionally or unintentionally. Therefore I feel the title is only accurate if warranted.

If you get offended because Snoop Dogg said hoe first consider, were you acting as a hoe at the time? If not sit back he wasn’t talking to you. And even if he was if you really wanna get back at him, turn the station.

I’m assuming most of the general population has forgotten they possess a finger, a finger with the power to push buttons. And with this power they can miraculously skip any track they choose not to hear. Now when it come to children the playground gets a little more sketchy. There is a fine line that has to be walked with children as to not damage there innocent outlook. What I am going to propose is going to seem proposterous to most, I know but bear with me as it may begin to make sense.

When your 8 year old is caught listening toget low in the dead of the night before you jump in and start singing with them having various club flashbcks which this song is clinically proven to induce, step back for a second. Compose yourself. Then….cut the fucking song off. I know its a stretch. I knowyou shouldn’t have to be punished in order to discipline your child but until your 8 year old is at least old enough to drive they really shouldn’t have a clear understanding of ‘from the window to the wall, ahh skeet skeet skeet got damn’.

And get this its not enough to just cut it off, it require one more arduous step which is to explain why the song isn’t appropriate. Andyou may just may be surprised, yes your child will definitely still listen to get low but now they have the correct perspective in which to take the song.

I had no business listening to NWA Niggaz4life when I was 10. My mom had no clue what I was listening to and didn’t listen to that kind of music herself but she knew it was out there. And she made it a point to separate me and the music. Music is just entertainment and not instructions (which was a relief since humming was never my strong point) do not think that what you hear is the same as what you should be doing.

If people would spend more time monitoring and preparing, educating and parenting and less time censoring we would all win.

And tell’em I said that.

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