I have a problem. I have an iPod and two cellphones so why do I want an iPhone. I am a techgeek and I love to be ahead the game. iPhone (despite the At&T activation issues) is a hot item but I don’t need it. Not to mention I am not a fan of touchscreen key pads. But I want it! Just be-fikking-cause. Its the capitalist in me. I had a treo for all of 4 days but once I bought it and took it back I was ok. I just had to have it. I know its sad but still, some people drink I buy things with chips in it. 

The one saving grace (or maybe two) is my current employment status which dictates my expendable income and the fact that that frikking phone is 600 dollars. Really…$600. Now I paid about $500 for the treo, $400 for the Motorola Q and close to three for the sidekick 3 as it stands $400 is my limit on a phone. And reading this makes me feel like an idiot because there are starving children in the world. 

Yea, so now that I have written it down maybe the urge will subside. Besides its a turn off that so many people were out trying to buy it. There aren’t many things I would stand in line for. Now that stand completely depends on how you define ‘many things’. I stood in line for my Wii, the last Star Wars and the last 3 Potters (upcoming included) but a cell phone, no please.

You know I was watching a special on all the tragedy going on over in Darfur and the most compelling thing for me to write about is my desire for an overpriced cell phone. Isn’t America grand?