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Walk me down

Walk me down

This weekend my good buddy William set out to break the biblical spell I am under. Here’s a small piece of advice, if you are planning to break someone from under a spell, first have a clear understanding of the spell they are under first. 

I mean I get it. he learned someting different and he wanted to share it. Cool. My problem comes in with the technique used to proselytize. Do not denounce the Bible to tell me about the lies white men have forced upon me while using the Bible to prove it. Read it twice. It still won’t make sense. 

William is no where close to the only person who has told me Christianity is a lie and the Bible can’t be trusted. That would probably be more affective to an actual Christian, at least in the traditional sense. I believe in a savior, ot necessarily in the literal sense, I believe in a God, the God, whichever variation works for you. I do not believe in denomination and while the Bible is excellent testimony of early civilization, I do not believe in the literal significance. 

Having said all that he was failed mission to begin with. Now from what I gether he was set on proving that the early egyptians being one of the first and the highly advanced in knowledge was actually the promised people and the stories of the bible were written on the walls of the pyramiads thousands of years before adam and eve. Yay for them. His argument was that nothing in the bible could be proven but he could put his hands on the pyramids thereby proving gods walked the earth (literally) amongst the egyptians. Again, yay for them. 

Not once did I tell him he was wrong, because quite frankly I don’t know. And even more to the point I don’t care. It’s up to William to find the belief system that will guide his life. I’ve found mine and my faith is strong enough that I have these conversations, it seems, on a regular basis and they are quite entertaining and even more informing but do nothing to waver my beliefs. 

Its just funny to me that all the people I talk who have problems specifically with Christianity have more hatred for the Chrisians themselves than the actual religion.