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I have the uncanny ability to piss people off. What’s ironic is that I’m not doing it on purpose. I promise. Look at this face…no look at it. Do I look like I would do such a thing? If you knew me prior to 2002 you are not allowed to answer this question. 

I love all the people in my life, all in different ways but I love them nonetheless. But, the love of my life is poetry. To be in my life you have to understand and accept that. Would I rather write than talk to you, quite frankly if I’m feeling inspired, then the answer is yes. Should you feel less important, no. I just need you to understand.

I’ve tried putting people before my work and it made me miserable. Its not about money. I may not sell another book in my life but that has nothing to do with what I write nor would it keep me from writing. I don’t write just to sell it. I write because it frees me. And I know you want those words to come out of my mouth and into your ears instead of thru my fingertips but I don’t work that way. I get that it would mean the world to you if I tried, but you must understand I have tried.

Not talking on the phone for 2 hours a day doesn’t mean I don’t love you. If all of a sudden it seems like I’m writing more than usual consider that a good thing. It means I’m inspired, not that I’m cheating on you. You have to trust me to be me and not attempt to force me to be the preconceived notion you’re comfortable with. Can you hear me now?

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