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Spur of the moment

Looking in the mirror long enough 
not to see what I want to 
But what’s really there
Looks like steam
covers more than glass
And I see me disappearing
the hotter it gets

© 2007 Dew

The most expensive price any of us can pay is unhappiness. Spend your life wisely.




Lesson 1: I’m sitting in Outback with a friend when this guy walks up to the table and introduces himself. Long story short she tells him that I am a poet and his first words to me are “Spit something for me.” PLEASE don’t ever do this. I’m not a rapper, I’m a poet. I don’t spit on demand. I probably wouldn’t have gotten flip with him had he not asked me this FOUR times.

What I have to say, you aren’t ready to hear. So don’t ask me that again. It’s insulting. Poetry is ready made like pancake mix. I’m not going to add water and serve you up a nice 1 minute quick made dose of consciousness. Go read a book.


Lesson 2

I usually answer my phone. I attempt to be good about that. But I hate talking on the phone. I would much rather you come by and we chat it up for a minute and you leave. But to make that connect, I will talk on the phone when necessary. I don’t talk to my mother everyday and no one can be more important than moms. So its insulting when someone calls me 5 times back to back.

Check this out, I have 2 cell phones and a home phone, if you called I will see it and call you back. But if you call cell phone 1 then cell phone 2 then the house phone the cell phone 1 again, you probably wont get called back. If I don’t answer leave a message. Now wait for a call back. Period. That’s the protocol.

If it is an ememrgency, send a text message then call once more to leave a second message.

I get that people like to dodge phone calls but that means they don’t plan on talking to you anyway so its foolish to call repeatedly thinking you gone MAKE them answer the phone. Find some other way to nuture your pride.

I get that people don’t have enough time to get to the phone. It shows you called, why call back?

Just to be fair I am a little more detached than normal so maybe it’s just me.

…where classification is key

What becomes of the undefined when the line I straddle begins to disappear?

“I want to go down in history 
in a chapter marked miscellaneous
because the writers could find
no other way to categorize me
In this world where classification is key
I want to erase the straight lines
So I can be me”

© StaceyAnn Chin

Beautiful Skin

I’m curious. Why do we give so much weight to other people’s opinions? I know someone who is really conflicted with himself because of how he feels everyone else views him. Interestingly enough this particular insecurity is present in males more often than they would like to let on. Why?

I mean I understand needing to relate. I understand needing compassion. But what I do not understand is the notion that someone or anyone else can validate you as a person. That just seems like uncomfortable skin to attempt to sleep in.

All I can say and this lesson was learned over time, If I don’t think I’m the shit why would anybody else?