South korean????? What the hell is in the public water system that we are all choking crazy juice. This kid, yes kid, took the lives of 32 innocent people because he couldn’t fight off his internal demons.

First of all, I’m glad Nikki Giovanni did not get shot. That was selfish and insensitive to those who lost their lives but it’s the truth. Secondly, no where is safe. High School hasn’t been safe for quite some time but now college is also te devil’s stomping ground.

I can not understand what it is about personal demons that compell us to take others down with us.

He killed himself. If you feel weak enough to yield to those thoughts what gratification is there in taking others with you?

I know you can not explain irrational acts but this is a drastic time when our weaknesses are becoming more a danger to others than ourselves.

Ironically we are still fighting social injustices, civil injustices, racial injustices, but there is a battle of wills going on that we are obviously losing.

I say we because its not a them in these tragdies. Every race is being affected. Its not Black or White, it’s Human Beings being killed.

She was only 19. She had plans of becoming a Technical Engineer. Her mom called her early that morning because she just wanted to hear her voice. Good thing too because she was almost late for class. She started not to go but she remembers slackers don’t get far so she threw on some sweats, grabbed her books and headed to class. She didn’t really know what was happening since it all happened so fast. She wasn’t the first to be shot, nor was she the last. She didn’t leave instantly, her life lingered some seconds before she was called home. Her last thought was of her mother, good thing she had had a chance to talk to her that morning.

Funny, most people still worried about rap music and Don Imus.