Hate MeĀ®

I listened to the actual broadcast and was his statement insensitive? Definitely. But his reference was straight out of a Red Lobster booth conversation. The difference was that a White man was speaking instead of a Black Woman.

Do I think Imus is racist? No. I think he was looking to do what he was paid to do, shock people. This time he stretched too far and pissed people off. And make sure you understand the only reason he was fired was so NBC and CBS would not lose sponsors. THE ONLY REASON. This is the same man who uses faggot and dyke on regular basis, referred to Venus and Serena and being from anĀ African tribe (because as much as we claim to love mother Africa, this is still looked at as an insult), and as of late, compared Rutgers and Tennessee to Jiggaboos and Wannabees. SOMEWHERE Spike Lee is slapping himself in the face.

I wish I cared more, I swear do. But, I have never been afraid of a racist who made it known he was racist. There are some Black people I don’t like either. Some white. Some green. Some blue. Some Grey. Those Green ones I don’t like solely because they’re green.

The problem isn’t not liking them. The problem is when your dislike or disdain is pushed to violence and prejudicial treatment. This disrupts the natural course of synergy. Some people simply don’t know how to dislike someone and let them coexist. What I don’t like need not be around me. What I don’t believe need not be in my sight.

Was Imus pushing violence or prejudicial treatment? No. He was saying Rutgers women’s team was unattractive and Tennessee’s team was cute? Now everyone who has never made such a statement procede with your anger filled tyrade.

Devil’s Advocate Out.