Slightly Lurid but Completely Fascinating

I put the cursor in the subject field and just randomly picked what was available. The problem is that I have no lcue when I used that or what I used it for but it sounds great!

I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately. I’ve always been a night hawk but way too often here lately I have been making it to sleep on the other side of 2 and 3 in the morning. Maybe on a day when I have more enrgy I will explore why that is.

I have been in a really morbid state lately as well. Can’t understand what the trigger or stressor is for all this. Could be my job but I thought I had made peace with the instability of it. That’s the only thing that has really had any unwarranted thought process as of late. Other than that I can not think of anythign else.

On a completely different note, where are all the people who know have to have a simple, adult conversation. I don’t want to discuss the club, sex (unless we’re having it together), Jay-Z, Beyonce, I Love New York or her mother. If I meet another person who tells me I make them think I just may commit homicide. Thinking should be done on a per minute, per mile basis. I want to be intrigued, is that too much to ask. Can we have a conversation where you’re not looking at me at the end of every sentence like I’m frikking Freud.

I’ll take read a fucking book for God’s sake for $200, Alex.

I need some rest. A hug would probably be bette.r