It was not hard to say goodbye

So my ten year class reunion is in two months. I have not settled on a feeling about this yet. I wanna say I don’t care about any of these people but quite frankly if that were true, I wouldn’t be going.

Although the ones I like most I already talk too, there are a couple I’m curious about. I wanna see where people ended up, see how they’re doing, see how life looks on them as adults. But that word is the problem. Adults. I knew these people as a child. I did not so nice things to some of them and I don’t have enough sense to feel apologetic. But, have they grown enough to let it go? Will we walk into this thing still looking at each other as the eighteen year olds we were ten years ago?

Probably. I can think of a theory of knowledge class sitting at my desk doing a poor job of minding my own business when my arch-nemisis told the class I had no morals. Mind you this was only weeks after sporting around a positive pregnancy test in her purse to prove to these numskulls she was really pregnant. And quite frankly a part of me is still a little bitter. Not bitter enough to be hostile but bitter enough to still remember.

Children make mistakes. Unfortunately the mistakes of children can gravely effect the identity of forming adults. A part of me still wants to know what did I do that brought such a mind to such a far-left conclusion. But the majority of me says fuck it. One person’s opinion has never made me or broke me, let it go.

High School was great. I can not recite the table of elements in alphabetical order but I can tell you the best way to skip fourth period and not get caught. (Seriously, how did we graduate?) Drama is a part of growing up. The main lesson you should learn from it is how to stay clear of it; more importantly how to identify and separate.

I wasn’t perfect. And given I had more responsibility than most my age, I still found time to doddle in childlike issues. Now I can look back at the days and reminisce instead of finding lingering remnants of my present.

Hopefully we are all far removed. Hopefully we take this opportunity to reunite and learn each other as adults. See each other in a more constructive light and rejoice in how far we’ve come.

If not, at least I get to beat them at spades one more time.

Da Evil Won.

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