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So I got a new tattoo. 2 actually. It’s funny how much spare skin we have because you really don’t know I have them unless I tell you. Except for these two new one. They’re in your face but not really. One is a pictoral of my name, its also the hieroglyph for the sun rising. The other is a question mark in a place that when you see it, you think why does she have that. What’s the question? I got it because I’m a mystery to most people. Think Neo in The Matrix knocking over the vase…let it marinate.

I have a lot going on right now. I’ve been trying to wait to tell one specific person before putting it here. Ironically this person has been kinda MIA lately.

At any rate, I have some free time on my hands now so I will be finishing this book. I promise. And in my opinion its worth the wait. If you liked the few that have been posted here, then you will like the book.

Enough about me, what’s going on with you?

Rosebudd (Koncrete Konceit)

I woke up smelling myself
decided to give you a whiff
Don’t shy away
Embrace the cliff
Now jump
And I promise
I’ll catch you
Let no harm 
reach you
Teach you
things you never knew 
you needed to know 
I was sent here
To introdcue you
to another side of happiness
The trip is worth the pain
Feed off the adrenaline
coursing through your veins
Don’t close your eyes 
To wash out the sun
Just go blind
I know you want to stop listening
Afraid of losing your self in the storm 
But the message is in your head
Let me quiet all those other voices
So all you hear
is us
Me, myself and I
But the real topicis you
Lay back until the morning
Now awake to sunrise
Covered in Morning Dew

Prayers masquerading as wishes

I wish…

I wasn’t as scared as I am.

You called as much as you read this blog.

I had more will.

I had not admitted that.

I wish I knew this was going to work.

I wish everything was simple.

I had more wishes.

Fire Walking

I’m afraid of the dark
Especially in the daylight with my eyes open
It’s not what I can’t see
It’s what can’t see me 
I’m here 
My efforts are faint 
Trying to catch breath 
in fire 
Oxygen stolen 
by fumes 
with a purpose 
and I stop 
dropping pieces of importance 
trying to salvage 
what I can 
and make it to safety 
but the destination is vague 
Yet I still believe 
if I roll on 
I’ll make it
If I hold on
I’ll see the other side of the fire
And be glad 
I kept my eyes open
To see my way thru


©2007 Dew