Socratic Oath

Most of my stuff is moved. The big stuff, like washer and dryer, televisions, computers, have not been moved yet since the lights won’t be on until Wednesday which means the alarm wont be on til Wednesday. Not that I’m worried about break-ins, I’m just cautious by nature.

Am I excited? Yes. I spent Sunday drilling holes for the blinds. I am now a drilling expert and you can see that thru the progress of the blinds, they get straighter as I get better.

Why is it we tell people not to judge others by material things but everyone who has congratulated me (on buying a house) has made some reference to my success. I am not successful. Yet. Knowledge makes you successful not materials. Love makes you wealthy not money. I can find a way to make money, I can’t find love anywhere. I can’t make knowledge. But instead of getting depressingly socratic with well wishers I smile and nod thank you. I mean I appreciate it, the house and the well wishes, but I know there is more to where I am headed than Lot 41 in Byram.

But behind all the socratic pondering of the greater meaning of life and the pursuit of fullness and wellnes, I am giddy as hell. Woohoo!