I went to visit my house today. I am very nervous about this whole ‘homeowner’ bit. Primarily because I hate my job. Although I am excited about the future owning my own home holds. I moved around alot as a child. The longest we ever stayed in one place was 6 years. So the idea of having this very small plot of life thats mine intrigues me. I mean, its not my final home. I may sell it in a few years or I may grow old and raise my neices and nephews there. (If my sister ever has any.) D, my best friend, and I have already decided to have Dinner Thursday nights. And I’m sure we’ll have game nights and so on there as well. 

Except for a sketchy period in my senior year of High School, I have always had a place to stay but never a home. Even in my apartments it always felt temporary so I never invested much to creating the home environment. 

I think a large part of that is having my mom finally settled. Now that she is settled and in a home of her own, I feel comfortable enough to find my own space. 

I should close on the house sometime this week. I went by today and it looks like they are done with pretty much everything. People ask me since I don’t plan on having kids what am I going to do with all that space? I have no answer for them other than to live and love. Isn’t that what home is for?

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