January 12, 1979

Since I started working at 15, I have not ever worked on my birthday. Not because I view my birth as a sabbath, even I am not that conceited. But emotionally the day has never been a day I wanted to be around people. Every year since I can remember some emotional dysfunction took place that left me in tears. 

That is, until 2005. Last year was the first year I went and celebrated my birthday. I didn’t shed any tears or waste away in pity or trife. I laughed, I conjoled, I joked, I lived. It felt great. 

I have seen a lot of heartache, more than I would wish on any human being but I have suffered through. In turmoil and confusion, I have still found my way. I am blessed. Never have I made any qualms about this because there is no way I would be here on my own. So as midnight rolls around and I welcome my 28th year know that I am greatful to have the chance to cry another day. Because I am here, in the open, even if it is in tears.