I have never been a Bouncy fan. (Beyonce for you all tat don’t know me personally.) And I am still not. But, what I am is a Jennifer Hudson fan. 

Relunctantly, I went to see Dreamgirls on a whim and I was quite surprised to whitness such a spectacular performance. I am not easily impressed but most of the work throughout the film was well-done. 

I’ll be honest, my first thought about dreamgirls was a big budget Hip Hopera (Mtv’s Carmen, anyone? Bueller?). But seeing the film has changed that perception. Jamie Foxx does well but Jennifer Hudson steals the show. 

Loosely based on the story of Diana Ross and the Supremes, Jennifer’s character is a mix of both Mary Wilson and Florence, the original member who died penniless after basically being forced out of the group by Diana. Fortunately, Jennifer’s character doesn’t meet such a demise. Talented, vivacious and overly self-absorbed she brings life into her character where you lose sight of an actress playing a part and fall into the life of Effie White. 

On the other hand, Bouncy was there and of course is the name that draws most people to the theater. I must say though, I attempt not to hate often, but I have to say one of my favorite parts in the movie….please stop reading now if you don’t want a slight spoiler

one more chance

last chance

When Jamie says to Bouncy: “You know why I chose you to sing lead?”

“No, why?”

“Because your voice has no depth or personality.”

Ooh, no truer statement has yet been spoken. 

Well what do you expect, I told you I didn’t like her. Geez.

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