Blow out the candles and whisper to the wind

When I close my eyes
I can see love
as clear as sunshine
and your face
takes my breath away

Sometimes it’s better if I stand still
I can focus
Let me hear you whisper
just once 
my name 
off your tongue
tastes better than any orgasm

I can
If only I had the courage
I can
If only you had the time
I can
Because I feel it
Because the tears I cry at night
over you
taste like success

My dreams show me how
but my arms aren’t long enough

I hugged you once
and I couldn’t let go
Time pried us apart
and I’m still bitter 

But I will 
in time
just to spite it
have you in my arms again

Just to prove
in time
all dreams 
Do come true
©2007 Dew