Writing for me is a freeing experience. But, reading, now reading is a completely different animal. I tend to gain inspiration from reading. I look for other poets here on myspace to see what messages they send, the classics and so forth. Its funny that my family spent so much time agonizing over what gift to buy me this Christmas when really a heart felt letter would have sufficed. I look for stuff like that. A nice letter in my post office box from a friend or note from a secret admirer, things like that are intriguing to me. 

I say this because I am often curious what my blog does for others. Mostly the things I write are truly for self serving purposes; testers, if you will, to see how a poem feels or what emotion it sparks. The excitement of knowing its live for all to see is also a thrill. There is always the possibility that someone could think its piffle or poetry but, I’m always curious if the reader is getting anything.

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