My little sister came to me last night about her job. One of my friends is a manger where she works and happens to be gay. My sister is a DEVOUT Christian and feels that this is utterly disgusting. Last night she tells me about how she sees girls sitting on my friends lap and finds this repulsive. Why, I ask. Because its unnatural. To which I ponder, what is natural? 

Tonite I walk in after a very emotional evening and she stops me in my tracks. 
“They think I’m gay,” she says.  
“And,” I say.  
“So what? What’s the problem?””
“I don’t want to be associated with that.”
“Well tell them you are straight.”
“I did but not everyone believes me.”
And they never will.

I can not put into the words the agony attached to trying to prove to every person you encounter who you are and why you are. I understand that at 20 she has some maturing to do. I also understand that the older she gets the more settled into her prejudice she may become. 

We all have an innate desire to be understood and accepted. We all deserve that right. My beliefs are mine and though your lifestyle may go against what I believe is it not style your life? 

I have called a few things disgusting and repulsive in my day but to my recollection it has always been in reference to food or frogs.

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