Why is it so easy to give you the words
and not myself
Why is it so easy to forgive you
and not myself
Why is it so easy to love you
and not myself


So we finally meet. I hear you have great things in store for me. More than the material things we usually judge success by, but intrinsic truths that by the end of our acquaintance will reveal me as a better person than when we met. 
I can’t say that I am yet excited. The false expectations of those before you have left me somewhat skeptical to your ability to follow thru. But alas, I am here and willing to take you face forward and allow you the chance to become. 

12 days into your existence I will gain yet another year in age and hopefully that will allow our enccounter to carry greater weight. 

I promise to you to exercise more patience, tolerance and understanding with whatever experiences we share. I promise that when it is your time to be replaced I will sit and reflect on all you gave to me as well as all I took from you in my efforts to continue to grow. 

With that said, it is indeed a pleasure to meet you, 2007.

Let us begin anew.