So now that this holiday thing is coming to a close (New Year’s is not a real holiday just an excuse to party), I can finally concentrate. I have a skills exam to take for my networking class that I have avoided, plus 6 more chapter tests. It really depresses me to think about it.

I really want to be done with Melodramatic by my birthday but I know that’s not going to happen either. Although, I do have quite a bit of material to work through and put together so I’m excited about that.

The question I get asked most is whether my poetry is about my life and in a way it is. Its not all things or emotions I ahve experienced but myself, the people around me, or thoughts and ideas inspired by real life. Ironically, the stuff that most seems made up is the realest. I love that about life.

What I dislike most is that all of my words tend to have an air of seriousness or melancholy. I wish I could be the upbeat poet but I’m not. I write what I feel or what moves me and that comes across in my poetry.

There has been one person I would say that has inspired me more than anyone else I have ever encountered and that is definitely a good thing. I’m glad I know them, I’m glad they can still inspire me and move me. I often wonder if they know or care?

In the new book I try something a little different. I take very different perspectives and approach old situations. So far, it has been excitig and has created a new sensation when completing new pieces. I am curious to see how it will be received.

At any rate, I am excited to see what 2007 has to offer. New friends, old friends, new emotion, new emotion with old friends, the possibilities are endless wouldn’t you say?

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