We usually wake up around 6 in the morning to open gifts. Mind you, my sister and I are both grown and it’s only my mom, sister and I which makes up my family. My mom was adopted as an only child. My father passed away in 2000 and though he has a few brothers and sisters, I wouldn’t know who they were if they slapped me in the face. Well I would but I wouldn’t. Its funny because according to social policy they are still family since blood is thicker than water but I think thats crap. My bestfriend is more family to me than any of them could ever be.

Anyway, none of us had the most money this season, all for different reasons, but the day was still a great one. I mean we exchanged gifts but it was seeing the look on their faces and just the feeling of sharing the day with them that made it worthwhile. That is the part that I think we lose sight of when this day rolls around. We are in search of the best gift, the most expensive gift, that we think will make someone happy. But, if you could remove the disappointment of not getting some new gadget that is overpriced and gaze into the sentiment, the outright emotion expressed in being in the presence of unconditional love, what gift can you buy that is better than that?

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