Liberate Me.

I wrote this standing in the poetry section of Borders with my friend last night.


How can a dance with boundaries truly be a dance?
How can I truly laugh if I am hiding my smile?
How can you
Love all of me as I dance this line
Laughing to hide
How much it hurts
To dance this line
I beg of you
Free me from my pain
And let me live
In the open
Even if it is in tears


©2006 Dew


Melodramatic Jan. 2007


Love is funny. Beautiful but funny. I allowed love to agonize me for quite some time. Then finally after a few rants and raves, tantrums and fits, I moved on. My heart wasn’t broken just confused. I would have had to have been rejected to be broken but in this case I could see how much I was loved and how much they were scared to be loved like that (run-on sentences abound). Like that? Passionately, fervently. But, everything comes 360 in the end.