Spoken Word

It wasn’t me

It was the words that upset you

But I was speaking the same words

Far before I met you

Problem is

I allowed you to believe

You were more important

Than the word

Words more important than the verbs

But the statement is far greater

Than either one of us


Can you hear me now?


Cuz before you weren’t listening

Paying attention to the sound of my voice

Instead of the message

And now you hate me

Because I speak

The words that make you think

About a life you hid from

Label me presumptuous

For knowing what the words mean


I admit for a while

I allowed you to give my words definition

Until I realized

You didn’t understand what I was saying

And now you hate me

For the same message that brought us together

And while I will miss you

And the meaning of us

As long as I have the word

I don’t need you

Know what I mean?