I loved hard once. Real hard. 5 years ago I met someone who changed my life – my love-life. This is not about a broken heart, my heart was never broken. My heart has never been broken. I take a learn-from-everything approach on life.

Love is the most pure, most sensational emotion any human being can experience. Having someone embrace you, the exposed you, the bare you, the you you hide from in the mirror, the you you lie about, the you that you tell people doesn’t exist, to have someone embrace that all of you and choose to love you in return even if for a brief moment, is an experience that never leaves you. And, if by chance that love ends or self destructs, you can somehow remove the angry, bitter, resentful, selfish pieces, the pieces that make it easier to hate than to love and you can somehow muster the strength to hold on to the fragrant, poetic, blissful pieces then your love was never in vain.

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