I will never be what you want me to be

I don’t want revolution

I want peace

I don’t go to bed dreaming of how to make a better

Black World

A better

Feminine World

I just want a world that’s fit for all of me

Different peaces of the quilt

That look beautiful together

And make you warm

Keep you covered and comforted

I just want to be me

Whoever I am

Let me define my definitions

Let me make this look good

Let me split you down the middle

And demand you give all of you

For my cause

Doesn’t taste like home does it

Taste like spoiled milk

Spilt a long time ago

And you keep staring at the stain

Waiting for someone to notice how bad

you want it to go away

Waiting on the bandwagon

to band together 

And it’s not that I don’t agree

that the stain has to go

But covering it up isn’t enough

For me

I want to make damn sure we don’t keep spilling milk

It’s messy and we can’t afford it

I’ll never be what you expect

And I love it that way

I took 10 steps back

And gave you room to be you

All I’m asking

is that you politely oblige

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