Vulnerability Looks Like an Ant From Way Up Here

I don’t love you just because you love me

Returning my affection is not a requisite of my love

I don’t love you because of your skin

Skin lies

And love sees through it

I don’t love you because of your hair

50 years from now it may all be gone

Love is timeless

I don’t love you because o your touch

It only reinforces the love we share

I don’t love everything about you

Like your insecurities

But I am not afraid to love you despite them

I don’t know enough superficial things about you

To give them more merit than they deserve

I do know that I dream of you

And your smile

And ways to keep that smile stretched across your face

I know that your intelligence is subtle

And your sensitivity is embracing

I know that selfishly I never want our hugs to end

I know that if I were to love you for anything physical

It would be your kiss

I know that you are in my life for a reason

And I love you


©2006 Dew