Yea, I did.

Okay. So I stood in line for 2.5 hours for a Nintendo Wii. Be glad it wasn’t 2.5 days for a playstation 3. I won’t lie like I didn’t want to. My adult rationale took over and convinced me that there are no games I want to play coming out with the release. So, why not wait 6 months when something I play will be out, they have fixed the bugs and maybe the price has dropped 50.00.

As for the Wii, I had at midnight. I knew I would not make missing both of them… sad but true… If you don’t understand then I can not explain it to you. I had an atari before I could walk. It’s excelllent for hand-eye coordination. Its great for thinking when my mind is running 90 to nothing. Not to mention with the virtual console I can relieve Mario 3 and Duck Tales all over again.

Not to mention I am in dire need of reclaiming my youth. But that’s a story unto its self.



“The ride home is long, take the scenic route.”