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Vulnerability Looks Like an Ant From Way Up Here

I don’t love you just because you love me

Returning my affection is not a requisite of my love

I don’t love you because of your skin

Skin lies

And love sees through it

I don’t love you because of your hair

50 years from now it may all be gone

Love is timeless

I don’t love you because o your touch

It only reinforces the love we share

I don’t love everything about you

Like your insecurities

But I am not afraid to love you despite them

I don’t know enough superficial things about you

To give them more merit than they deserve

I do know that I dream of you

And your smile

And ways to keep that smile stretched across your face

I know that your intelligence is subtle

And your sensitivity is embracing

I know that selfishly I never want our hugs to end

I know that if I were to love you for anything physical

It would be your kiss

I know that you are in my life for a reason

And I love you


©2006 Dew

Holiday Reflection

Holidays come and go. I have experienced 27 of which 21 of them I can vaguely remember. It never fails though, that I always get this warm and fuzzy feeling somewhere close to Thanksgiving and it hovers over me until sometime after my birthday.

I don’t have a large family. It’s just my mom, sister and myself. I have great friends and even some above average associates but the holidays still seem to be a longing time for me. Maybe it plays to my insatiable emotional appetite but still. I never can understand or quite put in perspective my need for more. Drive is good but never being satisfied with anything isn’t.

However, there is a bright side to all this self-realization.  In understanding my flaws I am able to channel my constant desires through poetry or stories or painting. This way I can take in what I feel, accept it and release it constructively.

All this to say I write the most during the holidays and right now I’m bored.

Yea, I did.

Okay. So I stood in line for 2.5 hours for a Nintendo Wii. Be glad it wasn’t 2.5 days for a playstation 3. I won’t lie like I didn’t want to. My adult rationale took over and convinced me that there are no games I want to play coming out with the release. So, why not wait 6 months when something I play will be out, they have fixed the bugs and maybe the price has dropped 50.00.

As for the Wii, I had at midnight. I knew I would not make missing both of them… sad but true… If you don’t understand then I can not explain it to you. I had an atari before I could walk. It’s excelllent for hand-eye coordination. Its great for thinking when my mind is running 90 to nothing. Not to mention with the virtual console I can relieve Mario 3 and Duck Tales all over again.

Not to mention I am in dire need of reclaiming my youth. But that’s a story unto its self.



“The ride home is long, take the scenic route.”

I can’t swim.

I am not deep. Actually, I’m quite shallow, but luckily for me I do not look at life on a horizontal scale of success and failure; high and low; up there and down here. I look at life as being on a vertical plain. Your path and future lie straight ahead your past very much behind you. On your left and right stands the rest of the world, some not where you are, others quite a ways ahead but no one over or below you. My feet are firmly planted. I don’t venture off to see where others are, I’m not really that concerned. My mind wanders over all the life around me and I just soak it in. Some days it can be consuming, other days annoying, regardless of the emotion underlying the thoughts or the life that inspires them, I am not deep. Actullay, I’m quite shallow.