No Personality

It dawned on me while traipsing around myspace today that I have absolutely no personality. I mean I am a great person to know. People have always seems to just like being around me for whatever reason but these are all physical encounters. In the virtual world I have absolutely no personality.

First of all I listen more than I talk. Secondly, what tends to draw people to me is them seeing me interact with others. These are things that can not be seen online.

Please understand I’m not being arrogant. Don’t get it twisted, I am arrogant, I’m just not being arrogant right now. I’m simply stating what is. I have a warming sense of myself and I am animated as hell. People like that and for some reason it makes them trust me. Which is good because I like people to trust me.

Someone sent me a message and asked why I was looking so sad in my pic. Actually I was writing in that pic so I was thinking. Although I do have a sad soul. So I wonder does that bleed through? And does that scare people away? In real life I don’t let people close enough to see my eyes for that very reason but here, I exploit them. But in this virtual world of circuitry and wires, boxes and questionaires, its all soup. You know? A bowl full of liquid with just a few solid things to grab at. I want to be solid. I want to be eye catching and gapping and wowing. But until I can figure out the secret recipe to online personality, I guess I’ll just have to settle with being me.