On a much lighter note, I went out today and spent way too much money on stuff. Now I know what you’re thinking but don’t get twisted; under all this poetic, conscious, revolutionary exterior I am still a woman and buying things makes me feel good. Not good as in better about myself just happy and tingly all over. Check this out though, I bought Grey’s anatomy on DVD because I am slightly addicted to this show. Also bought several CDs (you remember those ancient things) which, I always have to split up my purchase because I feel bad about going to places like BestBuy so I end up buying something from the local places (BeBop) to compensate.

I’m finishing up the first quarter of a Networking class. Actually as we speak I am finished I just left a grueling 6 hour final and finished it off with an A. So now I can relax for two weeks before the next quarter begins. Although writing is my passion it doesn’t pay all the bills so I always have to have a back-up. But my goal is to turn my passion into my career. I’ve been slow on that burner though.

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What is normal and how do I cure it?

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