5 Guilty Pleasures

5. I loved the Spice Girls “Tell you what I want what I really really want…” right up to the end.

4. I have a groupie-esque crush on Jay-Z.

3. I am still convinced Mufasa will get up.

2. I like Thats So Raven. Not like I TiVo it or anything but the kid is funny.

1. My 20 year old sister and I still wake up at 5 in the morning to open gifts on Christmas. And yes we rush in with just as much excitement as when we were 7.


Listen to the rain against my skin.

Incessant Ramblings

On a much lighter note, I went out today and spent way too much money on stuff. Now I know what you’re thinking but don’t get twisted; under all this poetic, conscious, revolutionary exterior I am still a woman and buying things makes me feel good. Not good as in better about myself just happy and tingly all over. Check this out though, I bought Grey’s anatomy on DVD because I am slightly addicted to this show. Also bought several CDs (you remember those ancient things) which, I always have to split up my purchase because I feel bad about going to places like BestBuy so I end up buying something from the local places (BeBop) to compensate.

I’m finishing up the first quarter of a Networking class. Actually as we speak I am finished I just left a grueling 6 hour final and finished it off with an A. So now I can relax for two weeks before the next quarter begins. Although writing is my passion it doesn’t pay all the bills so I always have to have a back-up. But my goal is to turn my passion into my career. I’ve been slow on that burner though.

Random Thought


What is normal and how do I cure it?

In Capricorn Mode

The only thing that is constant about me is that I will always be me. I refuse to conform to the ideals of anyone else. I can be so liberal its sickening, but mostly I love playing devil’s advocate. Honestly, I’m just an asshole like that. It amazes me when liberals make statements abhoring conservatives but mimic the behaviour they claim to oppose.

I was asked, why my sexuality isn’t on my page? Wha? Unless I’m sleeping with you it doesn’t matter. I wrote a very short poem some time ago that fits this situation.


I use they
Because it
Is none of
Your business

Again, not that its such a secret, I just like screwing with peoples preconceived notions. If you notice, I don’t have my religion there either. Seriously, if you really want to know somethig its questions, not threats, that work best.



As I Am

Put the camera done for a second

I need a break

Give me a minute to come out of my skin

I need some air


Ill make a deal with you

Give me a chance to breathe

And Ill show you the real me

Without skin

Without stereotype

Or preconceived notion

Give me a minute to breathe

And Ill be real with you

Put the camera down for a second

Look at me without the scrutiny of the lens

Dont zoom in

And make me larger than life

Dont zoom out

And miss me altogether

Just put your camera down for a second

And see me clearly