Shine they said. My ego heard the words first. My heart, reluctant, guffawed at the thought. Shine they said. Eager to waste away in a hole not meant for me, I hesitated. Weighing my options with particular attention paid to failure, I wiped my eyes and bowed my head, thinking of a way to avoid this. Shine they said. Black dust layers cover my skin, rusty and unappealing, I wondered what was the point? What was so special that I could not see? Shine they said. More annoyed than convinced, I dusted the dirt from my hands, took a deep breath and gasped as sparkles of light escaped from my mouth. Shine they said. I swallowed my insecurity, reached in the file buried in the back of my brain and blinded them all. Sparkles gave way to sun rays as a diamond emerged focused on the meaning, inspired by those willing to receive the gift. Shine they said and so I did.

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