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Dew’s Top 10 for ’04 | love&light
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This was the year of elections, opinions and rights. We all played a role in the movement but what about the motivations behind all that we felt and did this year? My list of ten favorites are the things I took with me everywhere, kept track of my opinions, garnered opinions for or just plain really liked.

1. Moleskine Plain Pocket Journal – These handy little journals are billed as being essential to greats from Van Gogh to Hemingway. How much of it is true I don’t really know but I know for me, the woman who refuses to carry a purse, these little journals are life savers. They only costs about $9.00, they hold tons of info, they aren’t very bulky in your pocket and with the little pocket in the back you can keep a business card tucked tight just in case.

2. Nokia 3300 – This is the cell phone that saves my life. When my tire caught on flat in the middle of Friday-after-Thanksgiving-shopping I was all but too happy to have it near. When a writer interested in submitting a poem to my magazine was no where close to a computer and I had a deadline to reach, the record feature on my cell saved us. Currently priced just below $200.00 it plays MP3’s, local radio stations and it comes with its own memory card to expand how much media it can hold.

3. HP Photosmart Digital Camera – Since my Nokia cell can do everything but take pictures, I’m not to worried since I have this lil puppy. This camera can hold 328 good quality pictures or 26 excellent quality. It has 3.1 megapixels and it is excellent for taking melodramatic black and white pictures. It was fairly priced at $164.00 and it can record up to three minutes of live action.

4. The L Word – With one of the primary ballots being gay-marriage in 11 states it is only right that this series be on my list. Long have I been a fan of Queer as Folk so when I heard SHOwtime was starting a Lesbian version I was disappointed. The last thing I felt we needed was overkill at least that was until I actually watched the series. It is nothing like its counterpart. Where Queer as Folk is over the top and provocative in its nature, The L Word is more emotional, like women, and focuses on the struggles and drive of its main characters bringing home the on-going struggle for homosexuals in today’s society just trying to love and live.

5. The Golden Girls Season 1 – The gods smiled upon me when they FINALLY released this DVD set on November 23, 2004. Although the Bonus features (or lack there of) completely suck, the actual show more than compensates. These four old broads have cultivated a cult like following and I have no problems admitting that I am a Sophia-phile – you Bojagaloop!

6. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes – This is one thing Nintendo did right. I’m not sure what they were thinking when they decided to forego the online revolution but with the release of the sequel in this dazzling franchise, they managed to stay afloat for one more quarter. The game captures you with wonderful graphics and a step ladder plot which creates easier game play. This way you spend less time figuring out where to go and more time trying to whoop some bad guy butt.

7. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater – Kojimo once again makes it look easy by giving us what is rumored to be the final installment of the Metal Gear franchise. I admit at first glance I was disappointed, I don’t like being outside in real life so I definitely don’t like it in my games. But, I get it. It makes the game more interesting and the gameplay that much more enthralling. Still I’ll hold my breath for the next one and it better be in somebody’s building where I can hide behind a wal and not in the grass.

8. Remote Control Vehicles – I don’t know the difference between a Hemi and 5th gear but what I do know is how much I love playing with remote control car. In 2004 I have acquired an Escalade EXT, Hummer H2 and Artery Flash. The SUV’s are 1:6 models while the Flash is 1:10 now that means nothing more to me than their size. These are great for getting outside. If you have more than one the obvious task is to race a friend in real life. I love video games, writing and exchanging ideas but when the sun is shining and free time is abound long live the kid in me.

9. Uni-Ball Deluxe Micro – Do you need the perfect writing tool for your Moleskine? I did. So as always I went on the search for the right pen. This pen writes beautifully. Despite it being a roller ball it does not have much bleeding, which means it doesn’t get away from you while writing over smooth surfaces. Until I get my first Waterman Leman this lil diddy will have to do.

10. Evian Spring Water – Most people can not fathom why I pay 9.00 for water but I attempt to explain to me it’s the difference between Grey Goose and Taaka Vodka. I can tell the difference between Dasani, Tap, Aquafina and Evian and like anything else you pay for what you want. It may just be water in your eyes but to me it’s better than a bottle of 1955 Chateau Latour.

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