Sam’s New Survey

I stood in line with 4 items: ritz, peanut butter, batteries and ravioli. Brittany came out from behind her register to beckon me over to her empty line. I guess it’s strange that I remember her name but after her question I made it a point to look at her name tag.

She greeted me politely, “Hi. How are you?”
My mind was elsewhere so as it caught up with the present I replied. “Just fine and you.” This was all the interaction we had had but it was something within those moments that made Brittany feel comfortable enough to ask.

“I attend the (Religious School) and we are doing a survey. Do you mind if I ask you a question?”

Seeming as though I’m always up for a new point of ponder, I accepted.

“What are three ways the church can help you?” Whoa, I wasn’t expecting that but all the same it was a wonderful question.

“Do you mean the church as a whole or religion in general?” I could see in her eyes that she wasn’t sure how to answer. She answered anyway, “Religion in general.”

My answer, “Take judgment out of belief.” Good answer she said as she blinked twice and stepped back. It was the purest of responses, I guess no one else had given that answer which somewhat saddened me. It was then that I noticed her name tag and it was then she handed me my change, reading my name off the card, “You have a nice day, Ms. Dew.”

It is to-date my most philosophic experience at Sam’s Club.