The internet is funny in that it allows complete and total anonymity. Yea I know IP addresses and so forth but what I mean is character. You can create a completely different, new or improved persona for yourself online.

I find it funny watching screennames who do exactly that. You can tell them they never give their real name and they take pleasure is stalking others. Something they would never do in real life. Why? Most often these personality types are sheltered or insecure or possess some type of social disorder that keeps them from being a functional person in real life. So as a result they create this alternate persona online where they become someone they deem important, usually a writer, lawyer or politician. It’s all ways something intellectual and they know everything about everything. Ironically because people in their real life feel that they know nothing at all.

These people are most often hard to deal with because they come online to define themselves. So things that have absolutely nothing to do with them, they make about them for lack of a real life. They critique others, even when they are wrong because they are so berated in real life. They claim to hold these prestigious titles but absolutely refuse to give you any inkling of their real name or real existence. It becomes exhausting to deal with these people but if nothing else you can always look to them for a laugh.

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