A Moment to Comment

Have we ever stopped to think that social anarchy is bearing down on us due to the unsettling judgments we pass off to one another for things as silly as who we choose to love. (Unfortunately this is not secluded to sex; race, nationality and religion are all victim to the same small-minded scrutiny)
Our theology has us beliving that two people forced to shack up and save their love for the four walls they dwell in is better than them being able to make their love legal and binding. Isn’t that the purpose of marriage now a days anyway? No one can solidify your love besides the two people in love. Gay marriage is not about approval its about recognition and seeming as though all they are asking is to be recognized, what is the big frikkin deal? Why is this so unsettling? Is your foundation so unstable that another couple’s actions inherently threatens your own?
I give!!