Let Live

While sitting at my desk Thursday unsuspecting I received an email from a Team Leader in the office. The message read:

Let’s all get out and vote. It happens soon. Let’s join together and save the sanctity of marriage, please sign the ongoing petition www.nogaymarriage.com

I’m not gay nor do I aspire to marry, which is why I love commenting on the subject. I have no vested interest either way. What I do have is a sincere annoyance for people who choose to impose their traditions on others. What you and I believe marriage to be could be and more than likely is completely different. This is the reason we have terms like ‘open marriage’ and ‘marriage of convenience’ because the sanctity of marriage is very superficial universally and can only be substantiated individually. SO why oh why oh why do we run around force feeding our large doses of insecurity on others?

Besides looking at the last 50 years who has desecrated the ‘sanctity of marriage’ more than HETER-O-SEXUALS?

Sexy Chocolate!!!