Give it a try

I’m staring out of the bay window of my apartment wondering about the human experience. For three days I have craved nothing more than getting out of this apartment and doing something constructive, yet I have spent the entire time inside.

Why do we go against what is best for us? I know tomorrow when I’m back at work I will hate having not used my time more wisely. I’m looking at a list of things I need to do right now including a story I need to finish and yet I am not doing those things.

I have had the desire to write in this blog for months and though I could come up with anything to write about I used the excuse that I had no time. Like now I am using the blog as a way to ignore the list sitting in front of me.

I guess it’s a cycle of procrastination that catches up with us. As the backlog grows longer we begin to shorten it in an effort to avoid it all together. Amazing. I have a wonderful article about Gastro By-Pass Surgery that I will be posting. Not right now though, maybe later.