A Moment to Comment

Have we ever stopped to think that social anarchy is bearing down on us due to the unsettling judgments we pass off to one another for things as silly as who we choose to love. (Unfortunately this is not secluded to sex; race, nationality and religion are all victim to the same small-minded scrutiny)
Our theology has us beliving that two people forced to shack up and save their love for the four walls they dwell in is better than them being able to make their love legal and binding. Isn’t that the purpose of marriage now a days anyway? No one can solidify your love besides the two people in love. Gay marriage is not about approval its about recognition and seeming as though all they are asking is to be recognized, what is the big frikkin deal? Why is this so unsettling? Is your foundation so unstable that another couple’s actions inherently threatens your own?
I give!!

Therapeutic Ramblings

My job provdes us with free therapy and I am on the search. I found my hunt interesting because I already know I want a white woman as my therapist. I have had counseling before and it is a liberating experience. No matter how close you ae to friends and family there is still parts of your life you tend to keep in a personal bank. That does not mean they are secrets but just tidbits of information that you chose to keep to yourself but even the most Narcissitic cynic needs to release. (Ahem!!)

Why a white lady? I’m not sure if this is racist or prejudice but I find white woman to be the most non-threatening and some how when you are telling your deepest emotions to someone you kinda want someone who you can at least look in the eye. I guess being some what of an asshole myself I somewhat believe most Black women to be judgemental (have you read this post?) which would lead me to always wondering how crazy she really thinks me to be. And I don’t want a man period. I had issues with daddy and abandonment and I would either become too attached or think of him as an idiot hence my need for therapy in the first place.

Let Live

While sitting at my desk Thursday unsuspecting I received an email from a Team Leader in the office. The message read:

Let’s all get out and vote. It happens soon. Let’s join together and save the sanctity of marriage, please sign the ongoing petition www.nogaymarriage.com

I’m not gay nor do I aspire to marry, which is why I love commenting on the subject. I have no vested interest either way. What I do have is a sincere annoyance for people who choose to impose their traditions on others. What you and I believe marriage to be could be and more than likely is completely different. This is the reason we have terms like ‘open marriage’ and ‘marriage of convenience’ because the sanctity of marriage is very superficial universally and can only be substantiated individually. SO why oh why oh why do we run around force feeding our large doses of insecurity on others?

Besides looking at the last 50 years who has desecrated the ‘sanctity of marriage’ more than HETER-O-SEXUALS?

Sexy Chocolate!!!

Give it a try

I’m staring out of the bay window of my apartment wondering about the human experience. For three days I have craved nothing more than getting out of this apartment and doing something constructive, yet I have spent the entire time inside.

Why do we go against what is best for us? I know tomorrow when I’m back at work I will hate having not used my time more wisely. I’m looking at a list of things I need to do right now including a story I need to finish and yet I am not doing those things.

I have had the desire to write in this blog for months and though I could come up with anything to write about I used the excuse that I had no time. Like now I am using the blog as a way to ignore the list sitting in front of me.

I guess it’s a cycle of procrastination that catches up with us. As the backlog grows longer we begin to shorten it in an effort to avoid it all together. Amazing. I have a wonderful article about Gastro By-Pass Surgery that I will be posting. Not right now though, maybe later.