Joss Stone

Let’s cut to the chase, it is reported that this chic is only 16 years old. I say reported because it has to be a damn lie! Listening to this album you forget two things, she’s young and she’s white. Color and age don’t matter hear. You hear the struggle. The struggle to overcome the struggle to be, the struggle to find. It’s all wrapped nicely in 10 tracks.

Starting with the ballad “The Chokin Kind”. A soulful tale of a lover holding on to hard. Joss is Betty Wright reincarnate. Fittingly, since Betty Wright was in on the “Soul Sessions” among other legends.

Most want to throw her into Neo-Soul or Blues files, buit she deserves to stay straddling the line as she is. She pushing the grain against what we perceive soulful artists to be. And she does not have to push hard. She’s ready to live and love and it shows. If she really is only 16 they should have called this album “The Old-Soul Sessions”.

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