To you, From Emily

“I have the greatest desire to see you always feeling that if I could once take you by the hand I might be something to you but til then you only eshroud yourself in this fiery mist and I can not reach you but only rejoice in the rare sparkle of light”

Van Hunt – Van Hunt

Every week I attempt to sample new music, this week’s picks are Joss Stone and Van Hunt.

Van Hunt

I was flipping channels and stopped on this cute guy singing on the Wayne Brady Show, a show I otherwise do not watch. Although I only stopped to stare at the eye candy for a second, I stayed after being pulled in by his mid-70 sound. He took me back to Curtis Mayfield. Admittedly I am not as familiar with the late great CM as I should be, but one thing I or anyone could not miss is his sound. Van Hunt is the rebirth of theat sound.

In “Seconds of Pleasure” he gives you inside track of love. Letting you know it only takes those seconds of treasure to keep you concumed. For some of us we would rather just be “Dust” blown away. Van Hunt has an album full of soulful love songs that are perfect for mellow bass grooving meditation time. Start with track one and you’ll stay to track 12. Along the way experience Lenny Kravitz in his hayday. Curtis Mayfield and even Betty Wright, its all for the expanision of art, its all for the “Highlights”.

This cd is a great buy.

Joss Stone – The Soul Sessions

Joss Stone

Let’s cut to the chase, it is reported that this chic is only 16 years old. I say reported because it has to be a damn lie! Listening to this album you forget two things, she’s young and she’s white. Color and age don’t matter hear. You hear the struggle. The struggle to overcome the struggle to be, the struggle to find. It’s all wrapped nicely in 10 tracks.

Starting with the ballad “The Chokin Kind”. A soulful tale of a lover holding on to hard. Joss is Betty Wright reincarnate. Fittingly, since Betty Wright was in on the “Soul Sessions” among other legends.

Most want to throw her into Neo-Soul or Blues files, buit she deserves to stay straddling the line as she is. She pushing the grain against what we perceive soulful artists to be. And she does not have to push hard. She’s ready to live and love and it shows. If she really is only 16 they should have called this album “The Old-Soul Sessions”.