~Spoiler Alert~ It’s just like the book

No, I have not seen it yet. I have to work a job (Heaven Help me) and go to class today but I will see this movie before the day is out. What movie? The Passion, of course. I have seen and heard several reviews for this film and most have been, to say the least, quite horrible. Despite the gorey reviews this movie will open in more than 2700 theatres and I can pretty much bet the farm that Mel will make a lot more than the $30 million he spent to produce this film. There truly is no such thing as bad publicity.

Daily News critic Jami Bernard said: “No child should see this movie. Even adults are at risk. Mel Gibson’s ‘The Passion of the Christ’ is the most virulently anti-Semitic movie since the German propaganda films of World War II.”

New York Daily News called it an anti-Semitic work with violence that was ”grotesque, savage and often fetishized” in slow motion.

Bernard called it “sickening” and “brutal” and though she conceded the film was undeniably powerful, she said it “feels like a propaganda tool rather than entertainment for a general audience.” She said “Jews are vilified, in ways both little and big, pretty much nonstop for two hours, seven minutes.”

Seeming as though I am not Jewish, I probably would not understand the sentiment of fear this movie allegedly ensues BUT I have read some/partly/most of the Bible and from my understanding ~ SPOILER ALERT~ the movie is just like the Book.

C’mon people!! The movie is supposed to be brutal, it’s putting you in that place. It’s asking you to understand what such a torturous and dreadful event that must have been for The Christ. You are not supposed to see the murder of Jesus and walk away going that was pleasant!! It was murder people!! When has or will murder of any sort EVER be pleasant? I think its redudant for these ‘critics’ to sit and judge this film as being anti-Semitic, ummm, shall we say thy truth does sting like thy crowneth upon thy dome or thy spikes upon thy hand or thy faithlessness upon thy heart’!!

I’m guessing here but if you read the Bible and you’re not already anti-Semitic then peace be still (let it marinate). ~SPOILER ALERT~ it-is-just-like-the book. I think it is easier for us to create in our minds a picture of Jesus literally as a sacrificial Lamb instead of God in skin. It helps our human brains rationalize torture. We don’t think of the Terrorists as being people when we are cutting them up to obtain answers, excuse me I mean delivering them to the butchers to be cut up, but we do want the answers. As long as the means justify the ends we tend to rationalize it as being acceptable. It was ok for Rodney King to get beat to a pulp, he was breaking the law, right? neg-a-tive.

I can not speak for everyone, only myself when I say, I really could care less about the Jews or Christians for that matter. I’m not going to see the movie to get a history lesson (let’s not debate the history issue right now people, focus!!). I am going to see the movie in hopes of putting a name with a face. By that I mean, I want to be one of the people who’s standing in the crowd who wants to help, who wants to scream this is not right, someone do something, but can’t for fear that I will become the next sacrifice. Because isn’t that what it’s all about? I’d rather it be you if the alternative is me. I don’t want to see what happened then, if it means hurting now. I don’t want to understand their plight if it doesn’t free me from my own. I want to be the saved not the Savior and I would rather watch such a feat if the alternative is to live it.