Look who cares!! I don’t watch football, but I did see the Halftime show. I mean the HALFTIME show. I know that only upscale men with family take the time to watch the gentle nature of football while they enjoy a nice game of Yahtzee! with their family so I could understand why they would be upset about little Billy seeing the teat of the World renowned Ms. Jackson (if you’re naaaast-ay). But for the rest of us who actually live on earth and know that’s it’s football, I’m not buying it.

I believe she wanted the shock value, I don’t believe she intended to show the whole ta-ta on t-v. She has an album coming in March, doing a Halftime show that over 100 million people would be watching is more than enough exposure, she got greedy, she wanted to leave in imprint on the mind so when March rolls around she would still be fresh on the brain. She got more than she bargained for and paid the price.

Now here’s the clincher: there is no way in Hades new name that you could get me to believe that MTV had no prior knowledge. The only reason the stunt went as far as it did was because the outfit didn’t strip correctly. Meaning it was probably woven or tucked too tightly… Janet’s outfit was specially made, was it not? Funding had to be provided and a reason for additional funding had to be given by and to SOMEONE, did it not?

The excuse they are giving is that the little striptease was added after rehearsals (obviously) and it went awry. Aw-ful is more like it but not for ordinary reasons. Mtv expected backlash; what they didn’t expect was to be banned from producing another superbowl.

EXEC: Oh hell!! What?? You mean we can’t have our name attached to the biggest night in sports ever again? Well this just won’t do! Look Janet, I know we coerced you into doing this for the sake of being “MTv” but we need you to take the blame. That’s the only way Mr. Brown will let us back. You have an album coming out and we’ll give you all the free publicity you want, FOR LIFE. Just do this for us please please please pretty little silver nipple cover upper pleaasseee…

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