I am in a fiesty mood today. Can anyone tell me who the Democratic candidates are? They all suck. I love being Black but Al and ol’ girl (I really dont even care what her name is) will not get my vote by playing the race card. And sad as it is to say, a white woman will be president far before a Black anything.

I was leaning towards Dean (and b leaning I mean standing still and facing in that direction) but then he jumped shipped. These candidates do nothing for me. Nothing!! At least with Al I could attempt to relate him to my boy Slick Willie but there is nothing in the house of Democrat and its a sad situation Dubya gets to do a repeat. SAD.

Why? First of all I am the first to say I am no expert on politics, now politiking is a ‘hole ‘nother subject, but politics I’m in the gray area. I believe George means well, but I also believe he’s slow as a box of rocks and someBODY is running this country sitting shotgun. I’m amazed.

I’m amazed we can spare 80 billion dollars in one year to rebuild and govern a country on the other side of the planet but we can’t afford to buy new books for schools. Yes, it is the same thing because in 15 years when those books are no longer relevant there will be a new war created that we will spend that inflated 800 billion on…

Yes, I said created war, and what? We were lead to believe that Saddam was an immediate threat and he needed to be stopped immediately. I’m two fold either that was the biggest horrible lie or the biggest best lie. It was a horrible lie if you moved this country in that direction because you needed to fulfill some testorione charge need to get redemption for 911 and the real culprits were making asses of you. More than usual of course. It was the best biggest lie if you used it as a diversionary tactic to keep all eyes on Saddam while you ripped spit from Osama. Now will we ever know which, oof course, everything done in the dark comes to light, look at Bob Dole, but I digress.

Look I relate everything through my 25 year old eyes and experiences and I have seen and done a lot more than most. The point is I take the time to actually listen and what I am hearing is that Bush will be president again and that depresses me.

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