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Rap this up

I was mildly doing my daily search for interesting posts over at my home Blogcritics when I came across a post I had commented on previously. The post in general is about Eminem’s Hate-Rap which most would say is redundant, I say it is cliche. At any rate, the comment below sparked my anti-bullshit radar so let’s just skip the preludes and roll camera:

eminem is a commercialised piece of sh*t. if you believe that his lyrics have deep sentimental value then u r blind, fooled by the music industry promotion machine. CONTROVESY = CASH. eminem is ruled by the almighty $. if eminem is as ‘real’ as he says he is then why the f*ck is he faking popping pills on stage? if he is so ‘real’ then pop pills 4 real dont promote it cuz its not big and its not clever. mr.mathers sir, to put it nicely, YOU SUCK!

#39 It has always amazed me how success equals selling out. It amazes me when people say ‘oh now he got a little money and he’s moving out of the hood.’ Isn’t that the point? If I didn’t want to stay there when I was broke why would I want to stay when I am rich? The issue isn’t me the rapper changing its the stationary position of the person who is ‘hatin’.

We should revel in the fact that controversy equals money when it stops being controversy that means I, as the rapper, have lost my edge and I have started to blend in.

Eminem specifically had trouble with his mother before he had the spotlight. He also was a rampant drug user before stepping into the spotlight as well. Your problems don’t change because your records start selling. They increase and become exposed to millions of people instead of immediate family. Your life becomes public property and if you were an asshole in private enter publicity and you have an asshole in public. So how would you chose to handle the pressure? You can lie about it but what’s done in the dark most certainly comes to the light. In Eminem’s case he chose to exploit his fault instead of denying them. Hell his faults are what fuel his creativity. But people on the outside see money first, so everything becomes a factor of finance.

I am not naive in thinking all entertainers are innocent. But what does it say about the opposing audience that blames everything on money? Money isn’t the focus of every artist but if that’s all you (the audience) take from them then it’s your focus. Get a life!

*******DISCLAIMER: I have every intention of one day becoming one of these sell-outs haters rant over and I want it properly documented that I was a shallow asshole far before I made my first million. “I’m ready for my closeup Mr. Demille”**************************