I have found solace and its name is grouphug.us. The site is centered around confessing your deepest darkest secret for no other than reason than tension-release.

I had a friend to tell me about this site where people anonymously reveal their worse secrets and confess their greatest sins. The site does not record names or ask for any personal info other than your volunteered confession. This site is governed by simple rules:

the purpose of this site is not to tell funny stories or be as vulgar as possible. the point isn’t to get a thrill on posting lies about you and your livestock. the purpose, if there is one, is to offer a little bit of relief from your conscience. this web site is not a message board or an open forum. we’d love it if you would cooperate just a bit.

the following is an incomplete list of things that will probably not make it through our crack team of confession-readers:

gratuitous vulgarity (more than is neccessary to communicate your message)
known urban myths
all capitals
obnoxious use of non-alpha characters (such as smiley faces)
creative spacing and line-breaks
obvious lies
confessions about this site
confessions that are not about you
responses to other confessions
phone numbers
email addresses
web site addresses

the type of confession that will nearly always be included is the type where you simply place your cursor in the little box and type a note about a fault of your own, something you did or thought about and are not proud of.

Scrolling thru some of the confessions you get a mixture bad decisions and devilish evils. All in all its just fun to read and relaxing to write. Why not confess?